One of the most, if not the most important part of your marketing direction is a high quality website, this is your business’ façade where your perspective clients can briefly assess you.  Here are some website characteristics that would really benefit you in the future once you learned and included the proper investment mindset.

    1. Easy to Use

Site guests are consistently in a rush. Client Experience assumes a critical part in assisting guests use, learn and stay on your site. Make self-evident, legitimate route with clear pattern. Utilize reliable designs, visible call to actions, and useful functions across the site.

Your site must fulfill both ‘searchers’— looking for something explicit, and ‘passersby’— simply looking around. Assist clients with achieving their goals rapidly with onsite searches, and keep them connected by recommending related substance and limiting impasses.

           2. Well Designed and Functional

Website mirrors your organization, your culture, your vision, your products & services, and eventually your overall branding. So it’s significant to be enticing, engaging, and should look professional to primarily develop credibility. Permit minimum blank area, cleaned up designs with quality photos and illustrations and let your message radiate through.

Similarly significant, the website should work fast, effectively and properly. Work to web guidelines, edit thoroughly and test routinely for issues with speed or usefulness. Each page ought to consistently be quick and functional, in light of the fact that any of them could be an expected client’s only first impression. Broken, moderate, or inadequately developed sites will leave your guests baffled and urge them to leave.

  1. Mobile Optimized

Based on most popular researches, the number of mobile users already surpasses the desktop users.  It is already a necessity to design your website optimized for mobile use, may it be on a phone or tablet.  Aside from the page layouts, you must follow certain guidelines on the contents being shown on mobile considering that users are mostly on the go unlike the desktop users where usually at their office or home.

  1. Fresh quality content

The old-style google ranking factors had changed overtime.  Now, it’s not just the amount of keywords being used in a particular post or blog.  Google demands quality and trending topics to get your websites in users’ view.  This is the main reason that the demand for story tellers, content creators, and article writers are on the rise.  With more and more people spending more and more time online.  This is obviously the direction to go.  PH Lancer offers article and content creation services that will cater your needs.  You will be spared the long hours of conceptualizing and relevant contents.  We offer not only blog contents, but social media and advertising copy as well.  Check it out here ==> PH Lancer Article | Content Creation.

  1. Searchable Contact Info

Simple, make your business searchable with as much contact information you can show.  Google maps would be at the forefront, followed by your email address, phone number, and as much chat messaging platform that you can get (FB Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, etc..).  This will give your users a wide range of choices to get in touched with you whatever is most convenient to them.  Plus, you can have a wider range of potential prospects as well.

  1. Call to Actions

Website visitors are reactive to what they see.  If it doesn’t request any actions, users will not take any.  Your content must be leading and suggestive.  You must first project your purpose and what is it for your users.  Lead them to click that magic button by establishing your value first.  A proficient website keeps several call to action buttons or links throughout each web page.  Be mindful not to overdo it though, too much might project hard-sell, offend your users, and increase your bounce rate.


We’ve probably always heard SEO when we talk about digital or online business.  Yup, Search Engine Optimization probably is the most important reason why you paid for a website after all.   A well search-optimized website generates more traffic which then leads to more engagements, more leads, and eventually more sales.  SEO is actually one of our key business offers.  See what’s inside PH Lancer SEO Service.

  1. Third Party Integrations

Not only your website looks good, Google-ranked, and user friendly, it should also be a tool of generating leads and increasing consistent followers.  No matter what the purpose is (sales, followers, advertisement, surveys, etc…), your website alone can’t bring you there.  You must know your audience to know how to consistently provide them satisfaction.  Your sites integration to your social media and most importantly to your email list will play a significant role.  An effective website is often integrated to an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  There are a lot of CRM companies for you to choose from.  We have tried quite a number of CRM companies and these are the two that delivered us best results:


They offer free account for a start where you can manage up to 500 subscribers in you email list.  Ideal for newbies to keep the biz rolling.

Get Response

Probably the most complete CRM platform available.  Asaide form email management, GetResponse features a number of automation tools such as  lead generation, conversion funnels, FB & Google ads integration, and webinars to name a few.  They are more on the advance or a company platform.

Overall, these are just your best guide.  The long-term efficiency of your website and it’s results will still depend on how you utilize it.  How often you campaign and expose your site links, posting fresh new blogs, innovating and updating the features, and catching up with the current digital trends.  PH Lancer Web Design Service will help you get there, fast.  Consider booking your schedule now.  Until next time, cheers!

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